When and how to Buy Teethers for Babies?

When and how to Buy Teethers for Babies?

If you are buying teethers for babies, then you should consider buying these at the right time. Here is a guideline that will help you find the right item for your need.

Teething is likely around the corner (or has already arrived!) if you have a new baby running across the house. This is a critical stage in a baby's growth, so if you see your child chewing on anything in sight, it's time to get some teething toys.

New moms find themselves asking a few questions when it comes to teething - But when is it appropriate to offer your baby teething toys, and where do you look for teethers for babies?

When Do You Give Your Child Teething Toys?

Teething usually begins between the ages of 4-6 months, which is an ideal time to begin using teethers. When your child sprouts his or her first tooth is largely determined by genetics, so he or she will begin teething earlier or usually just a little later than this window.

The two lower front teeth typically appear first, accompanied by the four upper front teeth. By the moment they're nearly three, your baby must have a complete set of main (baby) teeth.

What Would You Do to Help a Teething Baby?

Teething, as previously said, can be one of the most unpleasant aspects of early stages of development for either you or your child. It may cause some children to lose sleep, scream in pain, or develop sores as a result of drooling while teething. You can make your baby feel much better in a variety of ways, including:

  • Teething Gels - You should apply sugar-free teething gels to your baby's gums to relieve some of the discomfort. Before using teething gels, always check with your paediatrician.

  • Chewing - If your baby is consuming solids, consider giving them some tougher options, such as teething biscuits and rice crackers. These foods are both pain relievers and nutritious options! Only keep an eye on your infant's chewing and make sure they don't swallow too much and block their airway.

  • Cool Food - In addition to certain hard foods, you should consider giving your baby cold food, as cold acts as a natural numbing agent for their gums. Applesauce is a good option, but you should also try pureed fruits or chilled yoghurt.

Choosing The Right Teething Toys:

Teething toys offer a healthy and clean chewing surface for your infant, which helps to ease some of the discomfort he or she may be experiencing. You can choose the teether based on the material, and you’ll soon figure out the baby responding better to them as well. Once you’re able to do so, you can have a set of teethers that can be whipped out whenever needed.

Although you (and your baby) may wish to skip over the teething stage, it is a significant developmental milestone! Teething time reveals that your child is on track, and a decent set of teethers will help them eat the food they want.


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