Your world is never the same when your baby, your star arrives! Parenthood is a chapter so special and exciting that we couldn’t help but want to hold on to it and be a part of your special journey! 

Manufactured with care, curated with love, Baby Moo was born with the aim of providing your little Star the next best thing to their parents' love!

We believe that a parent’s time belongs to their child and not hunting for products from different places, which is why we created such an extensive range of nothing but the highest quality baby products delivered to you in the comfort of your home! 

Baby Moo is available at your fingertips! From enjoying that infectious laughter during play time, to splashing water during bath time, we’ve got you covered!

We use the softest and the best materials that are carefully chosen to keep your Star happy and comfortable. Whether it is our cozy soft swaddles, our super absorbent towels, toys or even our skip & jump booties, your child's comfort is our top priority. 

Baby Moo’s aim is to always be light on your pockets, so all our products are at just the right price.

Our team of mothers & specialists are always on the lookout to create not only the best experience for your baby, but also for you! For all those new uncles and aunties, we have something special for you too!

Check out our gift hampers that will make your life easy and put a smile on your STAR’s face.

As they say, a baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer and your home happier. With Baby Moo by your side, let your worry fly away!

Lots of love,

Team Baby Moo

Everything you need for your star