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7 Convincing Reasons for Using Cotton Nappies for Newborns!

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One of the biggest expenses for new parents are diapers as they can cost a few thousands over the year. They can be super expensive especially in the first two to three years, and a better alternative is always available.

One way to ensure that you save and switch is cotton diapers. They are super easy to clean, reusable and most importantly, save you plenty.

Here are seven reasons to consider using cotton nappies for newborns:

  1. They’re Less Expensive:

Disposable diapers can set you back by quite a large amount until your child ends up potty trained. Even if you get biodegradable or premium options, the downside is that the costs increase with the same.

A cloth diaper however, costs 1/4th of that of a disposable one and they can also be cleaned with ease.

  1. Better For The Environment:

An average child goes anywhere between four to eight thousand diapers in their childhood. This requires a lot of trees that have to be cut to make them. Then on top of that, there’s plastic and chemicals that are used, along with water.

With cotton diapers, you can reuse it for a year or two, and not have to worry about harming the environment.

  1. More Absorbent:

With cloth diapers for babies, you don’t have to keep changing your baby every night. With disposables, you need to wake up and help them as they aren’t as absorbing.

Cloth diapers are more generous and they can contain liquids for a longer period before the baby gets uncomfortable.

  1. No Nasty Chemicals:

Most of the disposable diapers are bleached using Dioxin, which is known to cause nerve damage, in animal studies. They also cause other effects like miscarriages, birth defects and immune system changes too.

The other chemicals in these diapers can also be lethal to pets and increase childhood asthma.


  1. Can Protect:

Scientists also discovered that the general skin temperature around a baby boy’s genital area was higher when they wore disposables.

They suggested that longer use of these disposable diapers are an important factor towards the decline of sperm production.

  1. They’re Cuter!

Textures, patterns, colours - the possibilities are endless with reusable diapers. Cloth diapers are super cute and they can bring a smile to your face when you’re changing the baby. Also, it just needs you to rinse, wash and reuse it.

  1. No Diaper Rash:

Diaper rashes are another issue that occurs for babies who use chemically-filled disposable diapers. With cotton ones, children can enjoy a smoother experience and sleep better all night.

  1. Diaper Liners:

It’s important that cotton diaper liners are also considered when you’re getting cotton nappies. The inserts are made of two layers of highly breathable microfiber material with waterproofing and softness that is soft on your baby's delicate skin, and they meet the highest requirements for keeping your baby dry, relaxed, and happy.

 With these tips, you can go forth and get yourself a nice set of cloth diapers!


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