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5 Essential Baby Care Products a New Mom Must Have!

As a new mom you must learn the right steps to take care of your newborn baby. Here's a list of 5 essential baby care products that you need to have in your kitty.
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When you have a newborn, finding the right products to help them sleep comfortably is key. Knowing what needs to be done and taking care of your newborns can be quite the challenge for new moms.

Here are a few products that every new mom must have to ease her life:

  1. Massage Mats:

Massaging babies with baby oil is a generational thing and plenty of parents have done it over the centuries. The process of massaging is important as it can help better blood flow and leave the skin feeling smooth. It also enhances physical growth, so don’t compromise on the same.

  1. Bibs:

Bibs are another mommy essential, especially if your little one is a messy eater. It’s important that they get their daily nutrients but not at the cost of their clothes! A good bib can help you feed the baby in a safe manner without spilling food on the floor or anywhere else. You can get quality bibs that last for more than a year and will serve you in good stead.

Striped Blue 2 Pk Bibs
  1. Swaddle:

Swaddles are yet another awesome addition to your kit of baby essentials. They are one of the best ways to put your little one to sleep, especially in the first few years. It’s important that the sleep swaddles for babies are made from great organic material, and with the help of a muslin one, you can ensure warm nights for your baby.

These swaddles are an excellent way to ensure the conditions of the womb are mimicked, giving the baby adequate warmth and calmness before sleep.

Honey Bee White & Green Ready Swaddle
  1. Diapers:

If there are three things that define a baby in their first years it’s sleeping, eating and pooping! It’s important you have a set of diapers that are of great quality because babies can experience discomfort, rashes and wetness otherwise. When you’re looking for diapers, ensure that they have a few important qualities of absorbency, softness and snug fit.

A great way to ensure you’re covered for many months is to get cloth diapers for babies. These are those diapers which can be reused plenty of times, without causing any form of discomfort. These washable diapers are made of cotton, so they’re also super absorbent and comfy for the little one. Once you have a set, you can wash them every week and reuse them for a long time, thus doing your bit to save the environment as well.

  1. Feeding bottles:

Feeding bottles are a great way to slowly wean off your babies from breastfeeding. A good feeding bottle can help babies comfortably feed, and allow them to enjoy the process of weaning too.

With these products, you’re well on your way to having a successful early motherhood!


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