How To Make Your Child Wear Cushioned Safety Helmets

How To Make Your Child Wear Cushioned Safety Helmets

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Helmet therapy is a method of gradually correcting the form of a baby's skull. The skulls of newborns are soft plates with gaps between them. These plates expand with the baby, eventually hardening and knitting together. It is a common practice to use baby head shaping pillow.

When a baby is asleep in the same posture for an extended period of time, the soft plates may develop a flat patch or uneven appearance. Plagiocephaly is a common disorder that does not pose a threat to your baby's brain. Your paediatrician may recommend repositioning, exercises, or helmet therapy if the issue does not improve on its own.

In some circumstances, the baby's skull plates fuse prematurely or in an irregular manner.

How Does It Help?

A strong outer shell with a foam interior is typical of cranial remoulding helmets. Gentle, persistent pressures are used to capture a baby's natural head growth while restricting growth in conspicuous spots and permitting growth in flat places.

As your baby's head grows, adjustments are made on a regular basis. The helmet serves as a compact, circular area for the head to develop into. Even if your child continues to lay his or her head on one side, the helmet will cushion the skull and prevent it from flattening any further.

How Long Should They Wear?

The average duration of therapy with a helmet is three months, however this can vary depending on your child's age and the severity of the condition. To guarantee that the skull is reforming properly, careful and frequent monitoring is essential.

The frequency of your baby's follow-up appointments is determined by the severity of his or her disease. You will make multiple regular trips to the company that provides the helmet while your infant gets fitted with a moulded helmet and modifications are made.

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How To Help Them Wear It:

The form of a baby's head is measured, and a custom-fitted helmet is created. This is to ensure that the helmet adequately supports your baby's skull while allowing the head to naturally grow and round out.

Newborns usually cannot always be kept in control especially when they start crawling. The helmet then becomes important as it helps protect their heads if they topple over.

With these techniques, it becomes easy to see how your child can transition into his safety helmets and make life easier!


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