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How To Give Your Child A Fuss-Free Langot Experience?

A langot or, cotton nappies for newborns could be extremely safe and comfortable for the little munchkins. Here is a guide on langots that might be of big help.

When deciding between a diaper and a langot/nappy, breathability has always been the most important consideration. Our parents and grandparents only used diapers on us when absolutely necessary, believing that diapers are less breathable than disposable nappies and their alternatives.

In many Indian households, the first item elders did just before a new baby arrived was cut old cotton sarees and bedclothes and make nappies out of them because cotton is considered to be soft on a baby's skin. Diapers have become a necessity in today's world, when most of us live in family units and are so preoccupied with our daily lives.

The cotton nappies for newborns, as it was known, has always been  one of India’s most popular “crown jewels” concealing devices, if you may. Let’s explore how you can bring a fuss-free langot for your little one:

The Langot / Diaper-Free Experience:

For a baby who is either crawling or is a newborn, it’s important that you slowly introduce them to the langot and the diaper-free experience.

After any diaper change, there are two ways to keep the baby diaper free.

Here are some of the advantages a langot can bring:

  • Natural: Natural cotton is used to make this product.
  • Padded: Most of the langots are padded with four layers of organic cotton.
  • Dry Feel: Babies won’t feel any leaks and the langot is super absorbent, making it easy to go through the day.
  • Effortless– Soft, gentle elastics to avoid leaks and messes: a feature that was conspicuously absent from previous langot designs.


Option 1: Strip the baby down to his or her underwear

Since there is a chance that the baby could pee or poop during this time, you must be extremely cautious. Make sure you have a waterproof stay-dry sheet underneath the baby to keep your bed/sofa clean.

Option 2: Introducing the langot:

Use a breathable cotton langot/nappy on the baby If you don't want to deal with any potential mess during the diaper-free period, a breathable cotton nappy/langot is a good choice. A nappy/langot should be made of natural fibres such as cotton, be able to absorb mess, and be extremely comfortable.

When you opt for using the langot over a diaper, you’re ensuring that your child remains free of rashes and stays super comfortable. Not just this, opting for langots is easy on your pockets as well.

With these pointers, it becomes easy to see how you can give your little one an easy and comfortable langot experience. Wrap them properly and you’ll realize that it becomes easier to manage them with time.



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