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Fathers - are you swaddling right?

Swaddling is one of the most effective ways to keep your baby happy and completely secure. However, the fathers must learn the right way to swaddle and here is a guide for them.

One of the most important activities for young babies is swaddling. It helps them stay calmer by mimicking the conditions of the womb, allowing you to gradually put them to rest.

Nurses in hospitals frequently teach new parents how to swaddle their newborn. A blanket wrapped snugly around your infant's body can assist in relaxing your newborn baby by simulating the mother's womb. Swaddling, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), can be a useful strategy for calming newborns and promoting sleep when done correctly.

swaddling right

How To Swaddle Right?

  1. Lay a cotton fabric out flat, and keep one corner folded to around 6 inches right at the top.

  2. Place your baby on their back on the fabric, with the neck and shoulders aligned also with fold.

  3. Pull the top-left corner of the sheet under your baby's left arm and wrap it around the torso.

  4. Continue by wrapping the bottom left-hand edge over their feet and afterwards the right-hand corner behind the back, leaving only their head and neck visible.

  5. Place your curled up baby in the crib on their back, gently. Ensure there's some room for them to move their arms and legs.


There are many benefits that come with swaddling. These include:

1. Swaddling Mimics the Womb - Swaddling ensures the baby feels like they’re back in the womb, feeling warm.

2. Mimics a Parent's Touch - It mimics the touch of a parent, allowing the baby to feel warm and comfortable throughout the night when they’re asleep.

3. Helps Regulate Temperature - It can help the baby reach a temperature for them to fall asleep, as the swaddle blanket can help in regulating the same.

4. Alleviates Colic - The warmth inside accelerates the production of colic, so you’re prepared for cleaning and nappy time as soon as they wake up.

5. Keeps Them Happier - The snuggly feeling of the swaddle allows them to stay happier and more content throughout their resting process.

When Should You Stop Swaddling?

Swaddling should be discontinued as soon as a baby shows symptoms of attempting to roll over. Many babies begin working on rolling around the age of two months.


Get yourself a warm swaddle cloth and learn the process and watch your babies fall asleep in a jiffy! Do not forget the cute baby blankets


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