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Cotton - The best fabric for your newborn

If you are buying newborn clothes online then you must get only cotton ones, the cotton is the most safe and comfortable fabric for your baby. Learn more here.
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Your newborn's skin is extremely sensitive, and cotton is therefore the ideal fabric for them. It’s important that you place their comfort over everything else, and that’s why cotton is your best option.

That's why doctors advise parents to use cotton baby blankets, bedding, and clothing for children. Here are some of the reasons why you should only use cotton products for your baby:

It’s Certified Good:

During the formative stage, a baby's skin is particularly delicate and absorbent. Because their skin is more porous than that of adults, it tends to absorb more of everything which comes into contact with it, including the many harsh chemicals from clothing.

GOTS-certified organic apparel goes through a rigorous process that restricts the use of toxins or chemicals on the organic product. On GOTS approved products, no carcinogenic ingredients are utilized. Organic cotton preserves and nourishes a baby's delicate skin.

Peace Of Mind:

Due to the presence of organic techniques and materials, fair pay and inspections, certified organic clothing may be costlier, but it is still economical when purchased from a responsible brand of organic clothes.

For all of the benefits that a GOTS certified organic product provides, it is unquestionably a good investment. The high standards and inspections along the supply chain give parents peace of mind, understanding that GOTS has ensured the integrity of organic procedures and products from the farm until they reach you.

New born baby clothesIt's Eco-Friendly:

Organic cotton cultivation methods are environmentally friendly. It makes use of less water and energy. The soil is nourished to health, allowing it to be fertile for a prolonged period of time.

The farming practice exterminates carbon dioxide in the soil. So, organic cotton growing and cultivation emits 94% less greenhouse emissions. GOTS strict laws ban dangerous chemicals and require processing units to treat all wastewater in order to safeguard water resources.

Easy To Clean:

Cotton materials are simple to wash and dry. They can be hung up to dry or tumble dried. Cotton fabrics are easier to clean than other types of materials.

Due to the fact that they quickly release grime and dirt, there is no need to use harsh cleansers and chemicals to remove stains and filth from cotton garments. Warm water and a mild baby detergent is more than enough to clean them. So, while buying newborn baby clothes online, choose cotton ones. 

With all of the facts and information available on the damage associated with conventional cotton to the child's health and the environment, certified organic clothing is definitely the greatest decision - factoring the baby's, our environment's, and workers' far-reaching benefits. Only by working together to do our part can we truly secure our children's future.


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