Sleepy Bear Cream Pillow
Sleepy Bear Cream Pillow
Sleepy Bear Cream Pillow
Sleepy Bear Cream Pillow
Sleepy Bear Cream Pillow

Baby Moo

Sleepy Bear Cream Pillow

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Design:Sleepy Bear

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Your STAR needs 3 things to make sure they get the best sleep: comfort, security and love! Enter the Baby Moo Comfy Pillow! Made with love to provide the right balance between comfort and security, these Pillows have essential Buckwheat Husk which gives a great sensation to the baby's head and are designed to provide the right support to your STAR's neck while keeping them warm!

> Designed with buckwheat husk to provide utmost comfort and safety to the baby
> Unique shape prevents flat head syndrome and relieves pressure on the baby's head
> Helps to develop correct posture
> Facilitates the alignment of baby's neck and spine
> Breathable soft fabric

Material: Outer: Cotton, Inside: Buckwheat Husk

Wash Instructions:
- Hand wipe any any immediate stains or liquid spills
- Recommended to hand wash using mild detergent
- Machine wash on gentle setting only with cold or warm water 

No returns/exchanges for hygiene purposes

Product Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 1 cm

Country of Origin: India