Diva Purple Rattle - Baby Moo
Diva Purple Rattle - Baby Moo
Diva Purple Rattle - Baby Moo
Diva Purple Rattle - Baby Moo

Baby Moo

Diva Purple Rattle

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This adorable rattle is designed to captivate and nurture your baby’s developing senses through its soft, plush texture and gentle, soothing sound.Crafted with love and care, the Bunny Pink baby rattle toys is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring it is safe for babies to explore with their hands and mouths. The rattle’s vibrant pink hue and cute bunny design are visually stimulating, promoting visual tracking and focus.The ergonomic design of the Bunny Pink Rattle is tailored to fit snugly in tiny hands, allowing for easy gripping and shaking. The kids rattle toys online produces a comforting BB sound when moved, which can help calm and entertain your baby during fussy moments. Beyond its sensory benefits, the Bunny Pink Rattle is also an excellent tool for encouraging early motor skills. As your baby grasps, shakes, and plays with the rattle, they are practicing hand-eye coordination and learning cause-and-effect relationships.The Bunny Pink 0 24 months newborn rattle toys is not only a source of joy for babies but also a practical addition to any parent’s toolkit. Its durable construction means it can withstand the rigors of playtime and is easy to clean, ensuring it remains hygienic for continuous use.
> Rattle makes a soft pleasing sound which will keep your little one cheerful
> Light weight and easy for tiny hands to grasp, hold and play with, while developing motor skills and exercising the baby's coordination
> Rattle toy made of soft and plush fabric which is child friendly
> Bright colours help the baby's visual development and discovery of patterns and colours

Material: Polyester

Product Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 3 cm

Country of Origin: India