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Important Things to Know when buying Baby Clothes Online

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Even if there are plenty of chores to accomplish before a baby is born, knowing exactly what you will need for your sunshine can be challenging. It's very likely for any parent to become tangled in the confusion of new baby items, but it's also an enjoyable endeavour. In the long run, a parent can prepare for a baby's arrival by setting up the nursery and putting together items for sleeping, diapering, and eating. However, knowing where to begin with the vast array of online options might take a lot of work. Worry no more; we present you our top tips and tricks to know while shopping for your little one online! Check out the following insider tips to make your baby- shopping quick and hassle-free. 

  • Fabric equals Comfort

  • Well, one of the very first rules in the baby shopping advisory book is: FABRIC EQUALS COMFORT, and COMFORT EQUALS HAPPY BABY! This is because newborn babies' skin is particularly sensitive. Therefore, you would want to choose items made of cotton/muslin cloths when shopping for your sunshine. 

    However, in addition to cotton, other alternatives are also available. These include: 

    • Soy-based Materials 
    • Organic Cotton 
    • Rayon made from Bamboo 


    • Azlon made from soy

    Long story short, selecting fabrics that are sustainable is always a smart choice! 

  • Safety Comes First 

  • How are clothes related to safety, you might ask. Well, it's honestly scary how many parents are unaware of the number of safety hazards that must be considered while shopping for babies! Mentioned below are some vital points to be taken into consideration: 

    • First, avoid clothes with unnecessary accessories like bows or studs. These can cause possible choking hazards. 
    • Secondly, clothes with tight elastic bands or drawstrings are also a big NO! They can cause pose strangulation and clots. 
    • Finally, opt for flame-resistant and snug-fitted fabrics for night wear to avoid any possible burns. 

    These especially apply to babies from 9 to 14 months of age. Babies are either very mobile or restless during these periods; keeping them safe should be our number one priority as parents. 

  • Size? They grow up so fast! 

  • Baby clothes sizes shouldn't be difficult to understand, but for some reason, they are, especially if you lack context. In addition, there is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to determining what clothes from which brands will suit your kiddo at what times; this just adds to the confusion! Well, here are our tips to tackle this confusion: 

    • Choose big! If you are confused about which size will fit your newborn, sizing up will always be a smart choice. This is also helpful for infants going through growth spurts. 
    • Practicality over fashion, always! Make sure the clothes are practical and comfortable to move in over the ones that only look cute. 
    • And lastly, pay attention to neck sizes! Tight or high necks can cause suffocation and discomfort. 

    Pro Tip: Make sure the clothes you choose are smoother to put on and take off. Select clothing with snaps or zippers rather than buttons. Again, stay away from fanciness and think about utility. If you are in a store, test the zippers and snaps to ensure they are simple to zip up and down.

  • Reminder: Seasons Change

  • A special reminder because this is one of the most overlooked factors while shopping for infant clothes online. If this goes overlooked, you may end up buying clothes in advance that your child won't ever be able to wear. Every year, millions of pieces of clothing—many of them unworn—are thrown out. It plays a significant role in the wasting of our natural resources. So please make wise choices, plan ahead, and utilise most of the baby clothes you already have. Our important tips to keep in mind are: 

    • Choose season-appropriate basics. 
    • Remember that geographical location also contributes to seasonal-appropriate clothing!
    • While shopping for newborn clothes online, read product descriptions carefully. 
    • We suggest Muslin for tropical weather

    This is everything you need to know while selecting fashionable baby clothes online in smarter ways! Check out our page for more such guides! 

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