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How to do Newborn baby shopping? 

For every memorable activity you will engage in with your bundle of joy each season of the year, your newborn infant will need a fresh set of clothing and accessories. Unfortunately, online baby shopping is famously confusing! Tension not; we are here to make things easier for you. In this blog, we will be reviewing essential items you need to know while shopping for your newborn! The list of essential items required during the first few months after your munchkin arrives: 

  • Bedding Essentials

  • For the initial months, it is wise to let your newborn sleep in your room, but it is ideal to prepare his sleeping space. If you choose to co-sleep, you must keep the baby's space secure and firm. Create a nice little bed for the newborn infant by adding a blanket and sheets according to the weather. Other noteworthy things to keep in mind are: 

    • A sleek and functional crib with a well-fitted baby mattress is the first thing that should be on your wishlist.
    • If your newborn is going to sleep in the nursery, you will need a baby monitor to keep an eye on your newborn when they are fast asleep. Make sure the battery is both long-lasting and rechargeable.
    • Lastly, other important items that must be included are mattress protectors, baby’s mosquito nets, breathable blankets, and non-toxic cute hangings. 

  • Diapers And Nappys 

  • Well, newborn baby shopping is MOSTLY adorbs. Mostly because diapers and nappy work can be a real hassle. Mentioned below are our top tips to keep in mind while selecting diapers: 

    • Do not purchase diapers in bulk. Instead, buy sample packets of three different brands, and test them all on the infant. For your newborn infant, purchase the remaining items in bulk from the comfiest brand.
    • Reusable cotton washable diapers are a safe solution for a baby's sensitive skin. In addition, reusable diapers now have a biodegradable lining that can be removed and flushed into the toilet.
    • Changing mats are a must-have! They prevent other materials, including bed sheets, from soiling when changing your baby's diaper.
    • Other essentials are wet wipes, garbage bins and rash creams. 

  • Bathing Essentials 

  • Newborn infants only require a sponge or cotton swab the first few times while bathing. But pretty soon, your bundle of joy will enjoy splashing around in the tub. Some baby bath accessories online that you might need during this period of time are mentioned below: 

    • Plastic tubs are quicker to clean, but a convertible tub will grow with your child. Additionally, you have the option to use inflatable or convertible tubs, which are useful when travelling.
    • A mild and fragrance-free body wash is ideal for newborns. You can start with a little bottle, see how your newborn baby's skin responds when using it for the first time, and then stock up accordingly! 
    • Body oils and moisturisers must be all organic and toxin-free. You can also consult a dermat before trying out any new baby skin care products. 

  • Baby Gear Essentials 

  • Baby gear is an obvious necessity. Mentioned below is everything that must be in your shopping list: 

    • A kangaroo pouch which is functional and travel-friendly while looking so damn cute!
    • A baby’s strollers pram for the sunny days. 
    • Other essentials include walkers, car seats, and baby carriers. 

  • Feeding Essentials 

  • Be ready to feed your infant continuously, whether by breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, which means you'll need a tonne of baby supplies every meal. These are the essential infant necessities to buy: 

    • If you choose to breastfeed, nursing pads, nipple creams, breast pumps, and milk-storing bags and baby tiered container set are must-haves. 
    • If you are not nursing, a nutritious formula is a must. 
    • Other necessities include bibs, feeding pillows, bottle sterilisers and bottle warmers. 

    Items listed above are a very tiny part of the never-ending baby shopping. Nonetheless, we hope this helped! Check out this now.  

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