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Go-To Pregnancy Essentials

Yes, you are Pregnant and there is no bigger joy than this. It’s happening, you are giving birth to a baby, who is your own and will grow inside you. 

Here are some useful tips to invest in things which are necessary. 

When people think of pregnancy pains, many think of the discomfort of labour and delivery. But those 9 months leading up to the big day can make you feel like your life is just one ache, twinge, and cramp after another. 

Most pregnancy-related pain is related, in some way, to a lack of support; you carry a lot of extra weight while growing a baby (much of which is added in a short period) and that puts intense amounts of pressure on your back, hips and pubic bone, legs, and feet. This can feel especially noticeable during and after sleep when it’s easy to remain in a less-than-ergonomic position for hours on end.

1. Pregnancy Pillow  - Pregnancy pillows are specially designed to provide extra support in all the places most affected by your growing baby and belly. Your body's shape during pregnancy is pretty unique. Most traditional pillows aren’t made to hug the contours of a pregnant body, leaving you vulnerable to back pain, leg cramps, pelvic stiffness, and ultimately, restless nights or even insomnia.

A pregnancy pillow (whether it’s a full-body pillow or a simple wedge) can reduce the strain on changing pressure points, fitting into all your nooks and crannies to prevent and reduce pain in those key areas.


2. Clothes – Buy loose-fitted clothes the day you stop getting fit into your daily clothes. Shop for clothes which are loose and comfortable and you can wear them for a good 9 months. Get oversized front button shirts, so that later on they can still be used while feeding. Do think of buying Nursing friendly clothes, which can be used later on as well. 

3. Innerwear – Your Breast and waist size will increase and you will need new Bras and Panties. Think of a feeding period as well and get those bras or get 2 sizes up and similarly for panties go 2 sizes up. 

4. Belly Support Band - The body changes so much during pregnancy, and while it is truly incredible it can also be very, very uncomfortable. Back pain is a common pregnancy symptom and that is where maternity belts come in! Maternity support belts and belly bands are designed to help ease the pain and pressure that come along with a growing belly. It should also be breathable and comfortable to wear for an extended period.

5. Pregnancy book - Pregnancy is an exciting time, but can also be full of questions and worries. Changes to your body and surprising symptoms can come out of nowhere, and for first-time parent-to-be, it’s an entirely new experience. Getting prepared for the nine months ahead is key to mental and physical health, so reading a pregnancy book (or two!) can help you learn more about your body and the changes ahead. There are currently a plethora of pregnancy books on the market. We recommend books that are supported by evidence-based studies and written by subject matter experts who are credentialed in the field. It doesn’t matter if this is your first, second, or third pregnancy, look for a book that tailors to your needs. The best pregnancy book is the best book for you—whether you’d like something conversational or more informational.

7. Pre – Natal Vitamins – Please only take Medicines prescribed by your gynecologist, not by your friends, relatives, and family members. 

8. Water bottle – Get yourself a good 1 ltr or 2 ltr bottle to keep a check on your liquid intake. Try finishing one before noon and the second during the day. Please keep yourself hydrated enough.

9. Footwear – This May sound weird when you read, but this is the most important change we need to do. With weight gain, there will be swelling in your feet. Uncomfortable footwear will make it difficult. 

These are a few Go to Tips from the family of Baby Moo… we wish you and your Baby Moo Star a great life ahead.

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