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Facts on Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing  and any new mother is on cloud nine when you hear the heartbeat of little human growing inside you.

Yes, you will be a mom soon. Someone will be around you , shouting out …”Mom, Mama, Ma….”


  1. Morning Sickness can be at any time of the day. Always have a water bottle with you.
  2. You might feel uneasy at any time of the day, don’t panic. Ask your Gynecologists' for medicines for Nausea, constipation etc.
  3. Don’t panic listening to other people’s story of labor. Labor can sometimes be very smooth also .
  4. You can freely have sex till the 9th month during pregnancy.( please ask this question to your Gynecologists' )
  5. Flatulence is common. Don’t be embarrassed.
  6. Trust your Gynecologists' and not Google. Google can be worst at times during your Pregnancy.
  7. Plan and talk about Epidural with your Gynecologists' , don’t leave it for last minute .
  8. Don’t stress on C section or a Normal delivery. Your main aim should be to have a Healthy Baby.
  9. You will feel more hungry, eat the right food. You are not eating for two people and make sure you drink lots of water / fluid to avoid UTI
  10. When you start putting on weight, do not panic and accept it as a new beginning. You are going to give birth to a human.

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