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Food Time = Fun Time

Your baby's feeding time needs to be fun and full of comfort, so from breastfeeding pillow to burp clothes you need to keep everything ready. Baby Moo even has a special dinner set for your angel.

Every mother has one thing that is always on her mind when it comes to their STAR: FOOD!

Meal time can be stressful for both, the parent as well as the baby but we at Baby Moo believe that meal time can actually be a beautiful time for bonding for you and your bundle of joy and have curated a special list of meal time essentials to make this the positive experience that it should be!

  1. Bibs

Soft, absorbent & super comfortable for your little Star, we present you Bibs that get even softer after every wash! Yes, it’s true! Our bibs are every parents dream! Moreover the self fastening closure makes the bib adjustable and convenient leaving meal time hassle free! This Monday to Sunday Bib Set helps to teach your child the days of the week as well.

  1. Burp Cloth

Burp Cloths

Baby Moo’s Wide Burp cloth is a feeding time and post feeding time essential! It’s the perfect soft and absorbent companion to keep your STAR clean and happy! What’s more? Being an essential, our burp cloths are also unique baby gifts for new babies or for soon to be parents on their baby shower!

  1. Feeding Pillows

    Feeding Pillows

Baby Moo’s breastfeeding pillow is the perfect support pillow for proper latch-on and breastfeeding in comfort and security. The pillow is soft and provides comfort to both mom and baby. You can use it on the floor to support your child as they learn to sit upright or wear it for proper nursing support.

  1. Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

Soft, private and discrete, Baby Moo’s Nursing Cover, or as we call it ‘Super Hero Mom’s front cape’ provides the right balance between comfort and privacy. Your STAR is protected from the sun, dust and allergens while they are feeding and feeling secure. Easy to fold and transport, this super hero tool can also be used as a stroller cover!

  1. Bamboo Fiber Dinner Sets

Bamboo Fiber Dinner Sets

For long, meal time has been tedious for our STARS and their parents, but Baby Moo had something to say about that! Introducing the perfect dinner set, or as we say, your Baby’s favourite Dinner Set! Specially designed to make meal time easier, all materials used don’t damage your baby’s gums. Available in so many cute designs.

Don’t miss out on our entire feeding range, carefully curated for your star!

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