Don't like the ready gift hampers? Make your own at Baby Moo - Baby Moo

Don't like the ready gift hampers? Make your own at Baby Moo

If you are wondering which unique baby gifts to choose for a newborn baby then you should explore the unique baby gift hamper idea here. Explore and learn.
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When your near and dear ones or even you are blessed with a baby, you need to give them the best for their initial years.

One of the most important processes when you’re blessed with a baby is finding the right items or products for their growth and development. While there are plenty of options available out there, creating your own bundle can sometimes be much easier and gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what you like for your little star. 

Here’s what you get when you try out the Baby Moo “Make Your Own Hamper” option:


Swaddling is an age-old technique of tightly bundling newborns in a blanket or sheet or similar material to restrict their mobility.

A blanket wrapped tightly around your infant's body can assist in comforting them by resembling the mother's womb. Swaddling can be a useful strategy to help soothe newborns and encourage sleep, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

If you choose to swaddle your baby with the best baby swaddle blankets, do so from birth and anytime the baby sleeps, be it day or night. If your baby is being cared for by others, be sure they understand how to properly swaddle.

Knee Pads:

Toddlers have a tendency to fall on their hands initially, which is why elbows and hands in particular need to be protected. They can help prevent a lot of painful moments for your little one.

Knee pads can help prevent a baby's knees from getting bruised or scraped when crawling, but some parents may worry if they're really required. They're frequently advised for babies who are starting to crawl around the age of six months.


Socks on your baby's feet can aid in the absorption of excess moisture. More significantly, it reduces skin friction between they're feet and the shoes. This implies that anytime your kid wears shoes, he or she will not be bothered.

Footed onesies or short or long two-piece socks are wonderful options for keeping your child covered and comfy during the night.

booties for babyHooded Towels:

Hooded towels are simple towels with a hood created by adding extra fabric to one corner. They are a useful and necessary item for newborns and little children. Towels with hoods folded.

The skin of babies is extremely delicate. Choosing towels that are particularly warm, absorbing, and soft helps make clothing for your baby after bath time more pleasant. The hood comes in very handy at this point.




Babies require hats more than adults because their heads are proportionally larger in relation to their body than ours, resulting in higher heat transmission, thus a hat keeps the infant from overheating or chilling.

Nursing Covers:

To help your infant feel at ease when travelling, you'll need to bring a few items with you. A feeding cover helps keep both you and your baby safe and comfortable. It guarantees your privacy while also preventing your infant from becoming overwhelmed by the surroundings.

unique baby gifts


You don’t have to scroll through different websites and scout numerous shops to find the most essential baby products, and unique baby gifts for a newborn baby, we have all of it curated right here in our gift hamper. So you can just add it to your cart with a few clicks and deliver it to your near and dear ones anywhere in India, when they’re blessed with a baby.

Head over to Baby Moo and begin your bundle creating journey, right away! Have fun customizing your hampers and never give dull gifts to your loved ones!

Gifting has never been easier!






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