Co-sleeping - Pros & Cons

Co-sleeping - Pros & Cons

Co-sleeping can be beneficial for the baby but it also has some disadvantages. If you have a newborn baby then you need to decide whether to opt for co-sleeping or, not. Here's a list of pros and cons.

One of the issues that a lot of parents are divided on is co-sleeping. Having an infant sleep next to you or between you can be one that could raise a bit of concerns, but finding the right balance is important if you’re planning to entertain the idea of co-sleeping.

There are a few benefits and drawbacks that come with co-sleeping. It makes it easier for breastfeeding moms to feed during the night but it can also be harder for couples to sleep comfortably.

Here are some pros and cons of co-sleeping:

  1. Less Crying:

A big benefit of co-sleeping is that babies can develop better holistically and this can lead to less distressed behaviour and crying. Placing the baby next to you while sleeping can reduce anxiety and lead to better sleep quality and sleep patterns which are less disruptive.

Putting a baby to sleep can be stressful and parents know the feeling of sitting on the floor, waiting for their little one. Co-parenting allows for the baby to feel the parent’s presence at all times, using sleep swaddles for babies can be a big help too.

  1. Easier For Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding mothers can get up quite often at night and this can be quite mentally exhausting. Also, the necessity to get out and walk to the next room and comfort the baby is always going to be there.

By co-sleeping, you won’t have to wake up and comfort the child, so you can always breastfeed them whenever you feel like. Your baby’s within arm’s reach so you won’t even need to get out of bed and don't forget to keep the breastfeeding pillow nearby.

  1. More Sleep At Night:

Even while breastfeeding, you’ll be woken through the night by your child who needs a diaper change, a cuddle or some milk. With co-sleeping, you can enjoy more sleep as your little one can constantly be cajoled immediately, giving them faster sleep.

You can set a proper routine and this stage becomes less painful as you end up being forced to walk around. With this, it becomes easier for you to sleep better and provide your baby with what they need.


  1. Disrupts The Parents’ Relationship:

This is one of the issues that a lot of parents face wherein their little one can come in the way of their sex life. As the baby sleeps between them, it becomes harder to enjoy intimacy and this can place a wedge.

  1. Increased Risk of SIDS:

SIDS is an actual issue that arises with co-sleeping. Babies can fall on their side or get stuck and can’t breathe properly, which can lead to some dangerous consequences. Make sure that the baby is properly cushioned at all times.

With these points, it becomes easier to understand whether co-sleeping is for you!


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