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4 Ways to Dress your Baby for Travel

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So, your little one is finally home and you are planning to travel. Flying with the baby can be a bit stressful but you can always make it a fun and a memorable experience in many ways. People are often confused about the appropriate baby attire for the trip. 

Before you go ahead to search for the best baby products online, do not forget to visit Baby Moo where you can find a huge collection of some of the cutest baby clothes collection. Just keep one thing in mind that over-dressing or under dressing could make your baby fussy. Hence, it is always advisable to dress your baby in perfectly balanced, comfortable and snuggly clothing.

In this blog, we will talk about the 4 ways to dress your baby during the trip to ensure you have a comfortable and memorable experience. So, just grab a pen and paper and start making a baby items list to shop from.

  • Comfortable clothing

If we prefer wearing loose clothing during travelling, why should dressing babies be any different? Avoid body hugging and tight fitting clothes. A romper or a onesie is the best choice when it comes to comfortable or snug clothing for babies. For travelling in colder climates you can add a pair of tights, sweater and woolen cap to keep them warm.

  • Include a lot of layers

The best part about layering is that you can add and remove as and when required. If it's getting too warm and the baby seems a bit fussy, you can easily remove extra layers and can add extra during cold weather.

  • Breathable clothes

While travelling, you and your baby are going to spend a lot of time sitting in one place. Avoid clothes that cause excessive sweating and traps moisture as that would not only make your baby fussy but can also cause rashes due to friction between the clothes and the skin.

  • Extras and addons

Apart from layers, also ensure to carry other clothes and things like socks, shoes, slip-ons, pacifiers, bips for feeding them and some toys to ensure that they stay occupied and distracted during the trip. Make a thoroughly worked out baby items list to buy from right before the travel so that you do not miss out on important things. 

When it comes to travelling, always remember that unlike us adults, for babies it's an entirely new experience. Even the slightest bit of uncomfort may cause them irritation. Hence, it is always advisable to get organic or pure cotton, right sized clothes for your little one. 

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