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Top 5 Things That Babies Love

1. Love: Baby's need for love, attention, and affection from their parents or other carers is essential for their development. They appreciate being held, snuggled, conversed with, and entertained.

2. Milk or formula: Infants require regular feedings, and they typically enjoy the comfort and sustenance that breast milk or formula offers.On The Go Blue 3 Tier Container

3. Sleep: Infants need a lot of sleep, and when they are comfortable and well-rested, they frequently feel the happiest.

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4. Playthings that stimulate: Infants are naturally curious and like exploring their environment. Kids frequently prefer toys with vivid colours, fascinating textures, sounds, or movements.

5. Familiar Faces: A baby's attachment to familiar faces, particularly those of their parents or other major carers, tends to be very strong.


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