Baby Moo Jhablas are the ideal baby clothing for 3 reasons.

Jhablas are the ideal baby clothing for 3 reasons.

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Let us rewind back to the times when our mothers used to make us wear thin linen or cotton vests during the summers. The best part about these outfits was that they used to be very breezy and used to keep us cool during the summer afternoons and other times. Our mothers used to make us wear it all the time and it's no doubt that cotton jhabla is still one of the most preferred baby clothing that is widely used by almost all mothers across the country. 

Jhabla is the Indian word for extremely breezy and soft babywear best suited for Indian summers and weather conditions. If you have not bought it yet, we would recommend you to get them right away as it tends to keep your baby calm, happy and less fussy thanks to the thin breathable cloth. 

There are several reasons why these are the best choice for babies.

  • Soft on skin

Baby skin is quite sensitive to touch and these cotton jhablas are some of the best choices for them. They feel extremely soft to touch and are quite light and breezy letting the baby move with ease.

  • Easy to wash & use

Majority of these vests are easy to wear and manage. Unlike other clothing which has buttons and chains, these vests simply have a cotton string on either side to tie which is a hassle-free way of dressing up a baby. 

  • Best summer wear

Apart from onesies and overalls during winters, jhablas for babies are one of the best preferred summer wear in India. These cotton vests are lightweight enabling babies to move around with more freedom. Being made of thin clothing, these can be washed and reused all the time without any hassles. 

If you are expecting and are shopping for all kinds of newborn clothing, get these cotton vests for your little one. Jhablas for babies can be one of the best choices you can ever make as these are an affordable and sustainable option. 

No matter where you go, these vests will always come in handy as they not only look cute but also keep your baby happy. Head now to the Baby Moo website and pick the jhablas of your choice.

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