Discover 10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas Here

Discover 10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas Here

Have you just been invited to a baby shower? Do you know what baby shower gifts would be perfect for the event? Here's is a list of ten cool gift ideas for a baby shower that you would love to try out.
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One of the best news you or someone you love can receive is that they’re expecting a baby! It’s a fun time, where you’re trying to figure out what you can get the mommy-to-be and there are options galore.

If you’re looking for baby shower gifts to give your loved ones, worry not! We’ve got a whole list of ten ideas to make your search easier:

  1. Gift Hampers:

The safest way to get the best gifts for a baby shower, a birth announcement or even a Birthday? Give a gift hamper! Baby Moo Hampers contain a host of useful items that any mom would love to have. There are hampers at different price points to suit your budget.

Gift Hampers
  • Make your own Gift Hamper:

If you want to get something really personalised you can make your own Gift Hamper. Just select the Gift Hamper box and the items you like and send us the message you want to put in. We can ship it to you or the person you want to send it to directly. Gifting has never been easier!

  1. Apparel:

This is one gift where you can never go wrong. With babies pooping and peeing all the time, a change of clothes is something every mother can always do with. Get YOUR STAR a nice set of shirts, pants and socks and make life easier. Get some newborn baby clothes online.

  1. Bibs:


Feeding time’s always messy with a baby in the house and moms can do with a nice set of plastic bibs that are easy to wash and reuse. Alternatively, you can get them a set of muslin bibs that can cover all meal times and help the little one feed with ease.

  1. Feeding Pillows:

Feeding Pillows
During the first year, babies tend to feed a lot. Mothers need to find an easy way to facilitate this process, and that’s why breastfeeding pillow works. You can get them a nice set of pillows which makes life easier for them.

  1. Reusable Diapers:

Another excellent gift any new mom could do with are reusable diapers. Made from cloth, these cloth diapers for babies can be washed and used again. New moms wouldn’t have to go hunting for diapers again, and save the environment in the process too.

  1. Burp Cloth:

Burp Cloth
It’s one of the cutest pictures ever. A little baby being patted and carried around till they burp from their last meal. You can help moms & dads burp their little ones with a soft burp cloth that catches any residue with ease.

  1. Toys:

Babies epitomize play time like no other! The safest options to gift a new mom during a baby shower are toys. You can get a wide range of baby toys online that the parents can use during their children’s growing up years.

  1. Muslin Blankets:

Muslin Blankets

Moms really love snuggles with their babies. A soft little muslin blanket does just that, and allows the baby to stay warm too. Get them a nice one which lasts a few months too. Baby Moo’s large blankets cater to the needs of your growing STAR.

  1. Massage Mat:

Oil massages are one of the most satisfying experiences for a baby and a nice massage mat could be the perfect gift. It can allow moms to place their little ones on the floor and give them a lovely massage, every day! Apart from this, you can also use the massage mat as a changing mat or outdoor playmat. Best investment EVER!

  1. Gift Cards:

Gift Cards
If you don’t know what exactly to get a new mom, you can give them a gift card. A Baby Moo gift card allows them to choose what they want for themselves from a wide variety and buy all the essentials they require in one place!

Thus, with these ideas, you can give the perfect baby shower gifts to any mom-to-be!


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