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5 Ways to Teach Toddlers to Put on Socks

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Time passes quickly once you have got a newborn at home. Soon you can see the helpless, tiny baby finally trying to get up and crawl. In almost a year or two they have started walking and stumbling around. As they grow up, they start understanding things and try to replicate their parents or elderly. They prefer doing everything on their own and there’s nothing that could stop them. 

From making them wear clothes to letting them pick their toys and stuff, slowly they start picking up the traits and try to do things on their own. These times are the best times to train them to do certain things on their own like eating, drinking etc.

With the winters approaching, more and more parents are worried about their toddlers being cold, so in this blog we will talk about teaching the little ones to wear baby socks and booties or shoes on their own. 

Socks can be one of the difficult things to teach the toddler because they usually cannot put them on independently until they are 3 years or older but it is always encouraged to make them start practicing. Here are a few tips and tricks to teach them how to put on their mittens and booties set.

  • Make them sit at a low drawer or seater so that when it comes to putting the baby socks and booties, it becomes easy for them to reach their feet without falling down. 

  • Give them mittens or socks that are a size bigger so that they can put them on easily. 

  • Make them understand your way of putting them on their feet. Show them how you scrunch up the socks before putting them on and tell them to pull the rest of the sock up by themselves.

  • Since they are still learning to put on socks, try to get socks with a different-coloured heel so that they can match that area with their heel properly.

Lastly, just keep it simple and literally take the baby steps on training them. The more patient you are with them, the more quickly they are going to learn. To ensure a fun learning experience, make sure to get fun coloured and cute baby socks and booties that would make them try on them with curiosity. 

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