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5 Best Baby Shower Games & Activities

One of the most precious ways to celebrate your little one’s arrival into your life is a baby shower. It is one of the most common traditional events that are celebrated across all the religions and races of the world. The overall methods and practices may differ depending on the religions but the basic gist behind it remains the same - celebration of the little one’s grand arrival.

It is no doubt that baby showers are usually a fun experience but lack of different activities and games can sulk the crowd. Hence, it is always advisable to have ample of activities and things to do for this occasion. In this blog we will talk about some of the fun games and activities that can be included in the baby shower to make it a memorable experience. 

  • DIY Gifting

DIY gifting option can be one of the best and most preferred ways of gifting as it gives a touch of personalisation in the gifts given by the people. One can include a DIY gift stall where people can add up their name or create unique designs on their baby shower gifts like baby bibs, or feeding cloths etc.

  • Guess the price

Baby shower means loads of gifts and cute little things for the babies. There are instances where you might have other to-be moms also attending the shower. Having the game of ‘guess the price’ can earn fun and giggles. Here people can guess the price of all baby products and the person who guesses the closest gets a prize which can be a restaurant voucher or a shopping voucher etc.

However, when it comes to guessing the baby shower gifts in Baby Moo wrapper, there are chances that almost everyone would know the price as people usually prefer our website when it comes to buying online baby shower gifts or getting stuff for their own little one. 

  • DIY Snacks

No event is complete without good food. The DIY snacks can include things like potluck specials or buffets laid out of different ingredients. People can create innovative snacks and can give them unique names. The food can include ingredients that are beneficial for the mother so that when she has a craving for food, she can try them herself.

  • Diaper hunt

There are instances where lots of moms-to-be are also invited to a baby shower. This makes it a perfect event for a diaper raffle where people can be asked to bring certain kinds of diapers be it cloth diaper for babies or regular diapers and each person who brings them gets a raffle ticket which they are supposed to hold on until the end of the shower. Depending on the kind of visitors, you can have gifts or fruit baskets or chocolate hampers etc.

Baby Moo website has a wide collection of cloth diaper for babies which come in several cute colours that will not only keep your baby comfortable but cute at the same time. 

  • Souvenirs and photos

Once all the games and activities are over, proceed over to take photos and give them a return gift in the form of a memento. You can also set up a photo booth at one corner of the home where people can take turns taking pictures.

These are just a few suggestions which can make your baby shower fun than the usual boring ones. If you are planning to visit a shower soon and are completely oblivious of what to buy, visit Baby Moo website to buy online baby shower gifts.

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